Untouchable [On going..]

: How do you know they are Dalit? : It’s easy sir, they are black and dirty, they are everywhere.   Dalit, meaning “broken/scattered” in Sanskrit and Hindi, is a term mostly used for the ethnic groups in subcontinent that have been kept depressed by subjecting them to untouchability (often termed backward castes). Dalits were […]


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I was watching the migrant birds flying over my head, in the sky in a V formation, going somewhere. The sky was dark blue and they were flying at a steady pace, almost as if in slow motion, I was watching them, my head facing straight up to the sky until they vanish away. I […]

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While China is a country with ancient histories and strong cultural tradition, it has been subject to rapid urbanization and unprecedented growth over the last century. Individualism, self expression and free thinking have often been repressed to years of socialism and strong government control. But despite the odds, a handful of young dancers are finding […]

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